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Dear friends!

30.06.2015. : meria
Dear friends!

Wed like to sincerely thank you for your interest in our city and welcome you to the official website of the Municipality of Magadan.
Here you can learn about the city, its social and economic situation today and in the future perspective, its diverse cultural life and history and you can get acquainted with the local authorities activities and the sights of the capital of Kolyma.

We anticipate our website will be of interest to business people and investors who are able to participate in our city development, to start their business here successfully, or to find some areas for long-term investment of their capital.

The main objective of the municipality today is to make Magadan a prosperous place where peoples plans and hopes are turned into a success. The city government prioritizes the development of production, agriculture and fishing industries and also the improvement of urban infrastructure, promotion and support of business ventures. This is a difficult and ongoing process, and we invite you to become an active participant!

Magadan is a city which is open for cooperation, proven by many years of successful domestic and international partnerships. The capital of Kolyma has five sister cities: Tonghua and Shuangyashan in China, Jelgava in Latvia, Zlatitsa in Bulgaria, and Anchorage in the USA and it actively cooperates with them in culture, economy, education, and business.

Our city possesses rich historical and cultural traditions, and its unique natural attractions will impress even the most experienced traveler. We have something to excite you with and surprise you. We invite you to visit Magadan and see it for yourselves.